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CEO and Founder Codegente Pankaj kumar mittal

Pankaj Mittal

CEO / Founder

The tech industry changes so quickly that it often feels like many of the tools and techniques you're using today were all but unknown two years ago.


Yashvendra Singh Panwar

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Research emerging products and use information to update the store’s merchandise. Empathy is the most important skill for any customer-facing role

Co-Founder Codegente

Manish Tanwar

CFO / Co-Founder

His usually involves implementing all the visual elements that users see and use in the web application, as well as all the web services and APIs.

 Codegente Tejus Gupta

Tejus Gupta

Sr. Android Devloper
Codegente Ritika

Ritika Jain

Android Team Leader
codegente ajay

Ajay Singh Bhat

Sr. Web Developer/Web Designer
James Clayton

Ayushi Bansal

Sr. Web Designer


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